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Elevating Businesses with Expert Electrical Solutions

A look into our commercial and industrial services

At Olson Brothers Electric, we understand the unique electrical needs of commercial and industrial clients, and we are dedicated to delivering solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and functionality. With our team of skilled electricians, we provide a comprehensive range of services to support the growth and success of your business. Explore our wide array of commercial and industrial electrical services:

Electrical Services

Lighting to LED

Enhance energy efficiency and cost savings with our professional LED lighting upgrades, transforming your commercial space into a well-lit and eco-friendly environment.

Commercial Electrical

Smart Solutions

Stay on top of technological advancements by integrating smart solutions and upgrading your electrical system for improved productivity, security, & efficiency.

Residential Electrician

Level 3 Chargers

Cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles by installing Level 3 chargers, offering rapid charging capabilities for your customers and employees.

Electrician Works

New Construction

From retail stores to office complexes, our experienced electricians provide seamless electrical installations for new commercial constructions, ensuring a strong foundation for your business.

Commercial Electrician


Whether you’re renovating a restaurant, hotel, or any commercial space, we offer electrical remodeling services that seamlessly integrate with your updated design and functionality requirements.

Electrical Repairs

Emergency Power

Prepare for unexpected power outages with our emergency power solutions, including backup generators and surge protection systems, keeping your business running smoothly during critical times.

Electric Powers

Service Upgrade

Upgrade your commercial electrical service to accommodate increased power demands and ensure your electrical infrastructure can support your growing business needs.

Electric Electrical Services

Repair and Rewiring

Our expert technicians are equipped to handle any electrical repairs or rewiring necessary to keep your business operations running efficiently and safely.

Electrical Experts


Collaborate with our skilled team to design and build customized electrical systems tailored to your specific commercial requirements, maximizing functionality and efficiency.

Electrical Panel

Generator Installation

Ensure uninterrupted power supply during emergencies or planned outages with our reliable generator installation services, safeguarding your business from downtime.

Electrical Lights

Lot Lighting Repair

Keep your commercial property safe and well-lit with our lot lighting repair services, addressing any issues promptly to maintain a secure environment for your customers and employees.

Your Local Commercial and Industrial Electrician

At Olson Brothers Electric, we prioritize the electrical needs of your commercial and industrial ventures, offering reliable solutions that contribute to your business’s success. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and experience our exceptional electrical services firsthand.